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MCT now offers a Guaranteed Ride Home, Free taxi rides home for MCT Express passengers, if they miss their bus due to staying late or leaving early for an emergency.

Click here  to Register for MCT GRH now.

Here's how it works:

Who can use the MCT GRH Program?
To be eligible for the GRH you must:
Ride an MCT Express Route
Buy an MCT Monthly System Pass or a Metro Monthly Pass
Register with MCT
Have a RideFinders Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) at your work. If you don't, we can set one up.

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When can the MCT GRH Program be used?
The GRH Program provides up to 4 FREE taxi rides a year in case of overtime, sudden personal/family illness/emergency, or school/daycare early release. You can travel from work to: home, school/daycare, hospital or healthcare provider.

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Who pays for the MCT GRH Program?
There is no additional charge to register or use the GRH program beyond purchasing the MCT Monthly System Pass or a Metro Monthly Pass. MCT pays the taxi companies directly. Commuters are responsible for any charges above $125 and optional gratuity. This program is funded by federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grants.

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Are there any limits with the MCT GRH Program?
The GRH program cannot be used for weather or traffic related bus delays or service interruptions. The maximum taxi fare that will be paid by MCT per GRH ride is $125.

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How do I register for the MCT GRH Program?
1. Buy a MCT Monthly System Pass or a Metro Monthly Pass every month.
2. Click the "Register for MCT GRH" button above, complete the form and submit to MCT.
3. MCT reviews the form. If your employer participates, you will receive a registration packet . If your employer is not participating, MCT will contact you to obtain employer participation.

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Once registered, how do I use the MCT GRH?
1. Tell your ETC that you will be leaving early or late and show them your MCT Monthly System Pass or a Metro Monthly Pass.
2. ETC verifies your GRH eligibility and gives you a GRH voucher.
3. Complete the "Employee" section of the voucher.
4. ETC calls a taxi and completes the "Employer" section of the voucher.
5. When the taxi arrives, give the completed white copy of the voucher to the taxi driver.
6. Show a picture ID and complete the taxi company's charge ticket.
7. Enjoy your Guaranteed Ride Home!

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