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MCT Fare Chart 2016
MCT Shuttle
Bus service within a single Madison County zone.

MCT Cross County
Bus service from zone to zone within Madison County.

MCT Express
Direct weekday, peak-only, limited stop commuter bus service.

MCT Regional
Bus service to MetroLink.

On Board Passes

These passes can be purchased from an MCT driver at the time of boarding:

+MCT 2-Hour Zone Pass ($2.00):
+MCT 2-Hour Regional Pass ($3.00):
Valid for unlimited multi-directional rides on all MCT fixed route, all MetroBus routes and all MetroLink trains for two hours from purchase. No transfers or upgrades issued on this pass.
+MCT Express Round Trip Pass ($5.00):
Valid only on MCT Express routes (including Muny Express) for round trip service within one calendar day (date of issue) for multi-directional travel.

Monthly Passes

MCT accepts the following monthly passes:

+MCT Local Monthly Passes ($50.00) Click here to purchase online.
Valid on all MCT Shuttles and MCT Cross County buses.
+MCT System Monthly Pass ($70.00) Click here to purchase online.
Valid on all MCT Shuttles, MCT Cross County buses, MCT Regional, and MCT Express routes.
+MCT Student Monthly Passes ($20.00) Click here to purchase online.
Valid on all MCT Shuttle, MCT Cross County and MCT Regional bus routes. Student Monthly Passes are ONLY for Madison County students in Kindergarten through the 12th grade and are only available from September through May.

SPECIAL NOTE: Student Monthly Passes can be at MCT Base of Operations or at the Granite City School District Office. See the MCT Student Monthly Pass page for more information on this pass.

Metro Passes

MCT accepts Metro fare media on all of it’s fixed route services.

+Metro Monthly System Pass ($78.00)
Valid on all MCT fixed routes, on all Metro bus routes and MetroLink. To purchase, visit www.metrostlouis.org. Not valid on Muny Express.
+Metro Weekly Pass ($27.00)
Valid on all MCT fixed routes, on all Metro bus routes and MetroLink for a week. To purchase, visit the MetroRide Store in downtown St. Louis. Not valid on Muny Express.

More questions?

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about MCT Monthly Passes.

MCT System & Local Monthly passes can also be purchased at:

Alton Schnucks
2811 E. Homer Adams Parkway
Alton, IL 62002

Alton Walgreens
2610 State St
Alton, IL 62002

Alton Walgreens
1650 Washington Ave.
Alton, IL 62002

Bethalto Schnucks
72 Airport Plaza
Bethalto, IL 62010

Bethalto Walgreens
172 E McArthur Dr.
Bethalto, IL 62010

Collinsville Schnucks
501 Beltline Road
Collinsville, IL 62234

Collinsville Walgreens
1190 Collinsville Crossing
Collinsville, IL 62234

Edwardsville Schnucks
2222 Troy Road
Edwardsville, IL 62025

Edwardsville Walgreens
102 W Vandalia St
Edwardsville, IL 62025

Glen Carbon Walgreens
2 Cottonwood Rd.
Glen Carbon, IL 62034

Godfrey Schnucks
2712 Godfrey Road
Godfrey, IL 62035

Granite City Walgreens
2001 Madison Ave
Granite City, IL 62040

Granite City Walgreens
3732 Nameoki
Granite City, IL 62040

Granite City Schnucks
3100 Madison Ave
Granite City, IL 62040

Highland Walgreens
110 Walnut Street
Highland, IL 62249

Maryville Walgreens
6607 State Route 162
Maryville, IL 62062

MetroRide Store
701 Convention Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63101

SIUE Info Center
Morris University Center
Edwardsville, IL 62026

Troy Walgreens
640 Edwardsville Rd
Troy, IL 62294

Wood River Public Library
326 E Ferguson Ave
Wood River, IL 62095

Wood River Walgreens
1122 Vaughn Rd
Wood River, IL 62095

Wood River Schnucks
1900 E Edwardsville Rd
Wood River, IL 62095