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Madison County Transit
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RideFinders, the St. Louis Regional Rideshare Program

For information contact: 800-847-7433

Created in 1994, RideFinders improves the quality of life and work in the St. Louis region by improving the quality of the workday commute. Thousands of commuters utilize RideFinders' free ridematching service to share the ride to a better commute - and quality of life - in a carpool of at least 2 commuters who rideshare at least 2 day per week using their personal vehicles, or in a vanpool of at least 7 commuters who rideshare in vans provided by RideFinders for a low monthly fare. By joining Ridefinders, hundreds of employers drive their employees to rideshare and improve their quality of work. Best of all, participation in RideFinders is FREE and requires minimal time and effort for commuters and employers.

To view the graphics version of the RideFinders website, click here