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Madison County Transit
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Building Momentum. Driving Change.

For more than 30 years, Madison County Transit (MCT) has provided a diverse array of affordable and efficient transportation services for the people of Madison County and beyond. From buses to bike trails, MCT had the vision to build a first-class, inter-connected transportation network which continues to meet the demands of a growing and evolving region.

Building on that foundation of success, MCT is taking the next step and making a series of positive changes to better serve our residents and build stronger, more connected communities.

MCT was built on the premise that all people should have the same access to high quality, affordable transportation in order to reach jobs, classes, shopping, medical appointments, and any number of other destinations. MCT has acted boldly on behalf of our residents, to accomplish this mission. These values of access, inclusion, and innovation remain at the forefront as MCT seeks to create greater access and remove barriers in order to make all services increasingly user-friendly.

To that end, MCT is committed to actionable changes in our Paratransit operation, Fixed-Route bus service, the MCT Trails bikeway system, and the St. Louis regional rideshare program known as RideFinders. MCT has already initiated the following enhancements:

MCT Fixed-Route and Paratransit Bus Service
MCT Trails

To learn more about any of the ways that MCT is building momentum and making changes to better serve our residents, please contact MCT at info@mct.org or call 618-797-4636 (INFO).