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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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SJ Morrison
Madison County Transit
(618) 797-4600


MCT Reminds Commuters to Consider Alternative Modes during Bridge Construction

GRANITE CITY, ILL., May 27, 2014 . . . With the announcement this morning of construction on the Poplar Street Bridge and upcoming lane closures on the Martin Luther King Bridge, Madison County Transit (MCT) is urging St. Louis area commuters to consider using public transportation or ridesharing, as a way of reducing regional traffic congestion, simplifying their commute, saving money and improving air quality. MCT’s services for commuters to St. Louis are summarized below:

MCT Express Bus Service
MCT provides a total of 40 express bus trips from 16 Madison County communities every weekday to and from Downtown St. Louis. These trips also connect to MetroLink stations, creating a seamless connection to destinations throughout the St. Louis region. Passengers can ride MCT Express buses for an entire calendar month with the $60 MCT System Pass. To find an MCT Express route, e-mail, visit or call 618-797-4636. “Operating buses gives us the flexibility to adjust our routing on the interstates as needed to avoid congestion in the rush hours,” said Jerry Kane, MCT Managing Director. “This dynamic approach helps us to ensure that we bring commuters to and from work as efficiently as possible.”

RideFinders Carpool & Vanpool Service
MCT also operates RideFinders, the carpool, vanpool program for the 9-county St. Louis region. RideFinders helps commuters find individuals to ride with, through a free online ride-matching service. By working with nearly 1,000 St. Louis area employers, RideFinders has accumulated more than 9,000 commuters in its rideshare database. Registered carpoolers and vanpoolers are eligible for benefits such as the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program, which provides four free taxi rides home a year, in case of emergency. To find a carpool or vanpool, or speak to a RideFinders representative, e-mail, visit or call 1-800-VIP-RIDE.

“By decreasing the number of cars on the road, reducing harmful vehicle emissions, and providing incentives for commuters to ride together, RideFinders benefits individuals, employers and the region,” said SJ Morrison, Director of Marketing & Planning. “I encourage employers to contact us if they want to know more about RideFinders or would like a representative to come and speak with their staff.”

Madison County Transit (MCT) provides multi-modal transportation services for Madison County, Illinois. MCT operates a fixed-route bus service, connecting to MetroLink; express weekday commuter service directly to and from downtown St. Louis; and seasonal express service to the Rams games and the Muny. For elderly and disabled residents who are unable to use the fixed-route buses, MCT provides complementary door to door service. MCT is also responsible for the construction and maintenance of more than 100 miles of bikeways that comprise the MCT Trails system, as well as overseeing RideFinders, the St. Louis region’s FREE carpooling and vanpooling program.