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Madison County Transit
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MCT Overview

Madison County Transit

Purpose: Madison County Mass Transit District (MCT) is a municipal corporation organized pursuant to the Local Mass Transit District Act (70 ILCS 3610) of the Illinois State statutes. MCT is dedicated to providing public mass transportation within Madison County, Illinois.

MCT provides the community with numerous public bus routes, paratransit service meeting ADA requirements for the elderly and disabled, bikeway development and integrating the MCT bikeways with the MCT bus routes, and overseeing RideFinders, the St. Louis regional rideshare program. Working in conjunction with other regional organizations, MCT provides an important link in the chain of seamless regional transportation services.

Administrative Office Location: 1 Transit Way, Pontoon Beach, IL 62040

Main Office Phone: (618) 797-4600

Transit Info Phone: (618) 797-4636

Fax: (618) 797-7547

Budget: The FY 2022 MCT Operating Budget can be viewed in PDF format by clicking here.

Employees: ACT has 220 full-time employees and 63 part-time employees.

Fixed-Route Average Daily Ridership: Approximately 10,000 riders each day

Fixed-Route Average Monthly Ridership: 220,000 monthly riders

Fixed-Route Annual Ridership: 2.6 million riders a year

MCT Fixed-Route Vehicle Fleet: 89 buses

Accessibility: All buses are equipped with lifts and are wheelchair accessible.


Service: Paratransit bus service for elderly and disabled residents of Madison County, Ill.

Monthly Ridership: 7,000 – 8,000 riders a month

Annual Ridership: Approximately 90,000 riders a year

ACT Vehicle Fleet: 31 buses in the fleet.

Accessibility: All buses are wheelchair accessible.

Background: In January 1985, Agency for Community Transit Inc. a 501(c)(3) corporation was formed to provide Paratransit bus service for elderly and disabled residents of Madison County. Today, ACT operates the 'Runabout' service as well as the entire MCT fixed route bus service.

MCT Trails

Description: 125 miles of scenic Madison County bikeways developed and maintained by MCT. The MCT Trails system is a series of interconnected separated Class One bikeways that traverse a variety of natural landscapes and connect to neighborhoods, schools, parks, colleges, commercial areas and other destinations.

Bike and Bus: MCT buses are equipped with bike racks, providing a seamless trip from bike to bus. MCT carries an average of 3,000 "bike and bus" riders each month.

Funding: MCT has secured more than $20 million in federal and state grants to implement an ongoing construction and development program designed to create and support alternative modes of transportation.

Background: In the early 1990s, MCT initiated its “rails to trails” program with the goal of preserving urban rail corridors for future light rail possibilities and interim trail use. MCT is one of the only transit systems in the country that has an integrated transportation system which links its own bikeways with its existing bus system.


Service: Improves the region's quality of life and work by reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality. RideFinders fulfills its mission by providing a free ridematching service to help commuters find other commuters to carpool or vanpool with to work, and by working with employers to offer free ridesharing information and incentives to thousands of commuters at work.

Registered Employers: 895

Registered Carpools: 2,231

Registered Carpoolers: 4,965

Registered Vanpools: 52

Registered Vanpoolers: 397

Commuters in Database: 15,344

Vehicles Eliminated: 3,069

Annual Individual Savings: $2,500

Total Air Pollution Reduced:
Monthly – 114,781 pounds
Annually – 1,377,372 pounds

Background: RideFinders operates as a free public service for employers and commuters working in St. Louis City and St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson and Franklin Counties in Missouri; and Madison, St. Clair and Monroe Counties in Illinois through federal grant funding from the United States Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration.