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Attention MCT Express Passengers:

Effective Monday, January 25, 2016, MCT will be returning to the previous afternoon Express route and schedule (afternoon trips will begin at Jefferson & Pine, end at Washington & 6th and will take the Martin Luther King Bridge back into Illinois). The morning route and schedule will remain unchanged.

A few items to note:

--MCT will drop off at 6th & Washington in the morning AND will pick up at Washington & 6th in the afternoon.
--MCT will drop off at 8th & Market in the morning but will NOT be able to pick up at 8th & Market in the afternoon.

The new afternoon routing was intended to improve schedule reliability, reinstate a pick-up location at 6th & Washington, create uniform directional routing and reduce delays due to MLK Bridge traffic. But as many of you know, MCT observed several issues with the afternoon Express route and schedule - some of which were brought to our attention by you, the passengers. Although our efforts were driven by comments from passengers and drivers, this plan has not achieved these goals and is not likely to do so.

Thank you for riding MCT, for your feedback and for your patience as we strive to improve our service.

Morning Stops

Afternoon Stops

1X Granite City Shuttle
5 Tri-City Regional
14X Highland Express
16X Edwardsville-Glen Carbon Shuttle