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#5 Tri-City Regional & #2 Granite City Shuttle Affected

Beginning Mon. Oct. 27 and until further notice, Bissell St. in Venice will be closed for construction. As a result, #5 Tri-City Regional trips that normally travel on Market will stay on Broadway to McKinley, then Brown to Klein where it will resume normal routing.

The #2 Granite City Shuttle will not service the shelters on Klein. Passengers will be able to board at Bissell and 2nd. The #2 will run as close as possible to published schedule times.

The #5 will not serve the apartments on Klein during construction. Passengers will have to board at the Brown & Klein bus stop.

The temporary shuttle will run the following hours:

Monday – Friday:4:18 AM to 10:24 PM
Saturday:6:10 AM to 10:23 PM
Sunday:7:26 AM to 9:05 PM

After the shuttle ends in the evening passengers must board the #5 on 3rd & Madison Ave or Brown & Klein.

For more information about pick-up and drop-off locations call 618-797-INFO (4636) or e-mail