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Effective: Monday, May 11, 2015

#14 Highland-SIUE becomes the #13X Highland-SIUE Express

Effective May 11, the #14 Highland – SIUE bus will become the #13X Highland – SIUE Express. Since the route operates peak-only, weekday-only, limited stop service, it is by definition an Express Route and the fare will be adjusted accordingly.

The new fare will be $3.00 each direction. Passengers on this route will have the option of buying the MCT System Monthly Pass for $60.

Although at this time there are no plans to increase service on the #13X route, we are implementing a new #14 Highland Shuttle route, offering hourly service all-day within the City of Highland on weekdays. We are also extending the route of the #13 Troy- Glen Carbon to Highland, creating an all-day connection from Highland to Troy, Maryville and Glen Carbon.

By riding the #19 Collinsville-Edwardsville from the SIUE campus and transferring to the #13 at Walmart, this new extension also provides a mid-day transit option from SIUE to Highland.

For more information visit or call 618-797-INFO (4636).