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MCT Bus Service

Serving the elderly and disabled of Madison County.

What is Runabout?
Paratransit bus service for registered Madison County residents.

Madison County residents who have a verified disability OR are 65 years of age or older can apply for the Paratransit service. Registration is required.
ADA Eligible: Any person who is unable to navigate the fixed route system because of a disability.
Elderly Eligible: Any person who qualifies solely on the basis of age, 65 years or older.
Seniors with a disability may qualify as ADA-Eligible and are encouraged to re-register.
Visitors to Madison County may also qualify for service. If you are visiting the area, please call for details.

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Call (618) 931-7433, Option 1 to request an application. Applications will not be sent via fax or e-mail.
Complete the application and mail it to ACT accompanied by proof of age or professional verification of disability.
ACT will notify you in writing regarding your eligibility. Once eligibility is confirmed, trips can be scheduled.

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Schedule/Cancel Trips
To schedule a trip call (618) 931-7433, Option 1.Trips must be scheduled at least one day before the trip or up to 14 days in advance.
To cancel a trip call (618) 931-7433, Option 2. Please call with cancellations as soon as possible as a courtesy to other passengers. No-show policy applies.

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Service Area
Trips beginning or ending in the Out of District Zone are limited to medical purposes only.

ADA Zones *Orange line indicates ADA mandated service area, which is 3/4 of a mile from a fixed route.

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Hours of Operation
ADA Hours
ADA-eligible passengers may travel during the same hours and days of operation as the MCT fixed route. Call (618) 931-7433, Option 1 for details.

Non-ADA Hours
Days of Week
- Friday
1st Pick-Up
6:00 a.m.
6:00 a.m.
Last Drop-off
7:00 p.m.
6:00 p.m.

Runabout Fares

*ADA Eligible Trip:
A trip for an ADA Eligible individual that begins and ends within ¾ mile of a fixed route, on the days and hours that the fixed route operates.

**Non-ADA Eligible Trip:
A trip made by a passenger who is qualified for service based only on age (65 years or older).
A trip made by an ADA Eligible passenger that does not begin and end within ¾ mile of a fixed route, on the days and hours that the fixed route operates.

Additional Fare Information
A $5.00 fee will be implemented on non-ADA medical trips to St. Clair County and Missouri.

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Driver Help
Upon request, drivers will assist passengers in and out of the bus.
Drivers are not permitted to go inside a passenger’s home or a business.
Passengers must notify the dispatcher if special help is needed.
Drivers will not assist a passenger in a wheelchair up or down more than two steps at any location.
Any other reasonable accommodations can be made upon request. Please contact us (618) 931-7433, Option 1, or via e-mail at

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Aides, Attendants, Companions
Aides or Attendants: Individuals who assist ADA-eligible passengers do not pay a fare. They must board at the same location as the passenger. Passengers must specify at the time of booking that assistance is needed.
Companions: One companion or child may travel with a passenger at full fare. Additional companions may ride at full fare on a space-available basis. Passengers must inform ACT about companions at the time of booking.
Children: Children, 40 lbs. and under, must ride in an approved infant car seat supplied by the passenger.
Passengers who do not have a car seat may request one for the trip from ACT in advance.

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Visitors to Madison County, with a disability that prevents them from traveling on the fixed route buses, qualify for paratransit services. If you believe you qualify, please call (618) 931-7433, option 1 to make arrangements.

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Complaints / Comments / Concerns / Questions
If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding our service you may contact the Manager of Paratransit Services at 1 Transit Way, Pontoon Beach, IL 62040 or by phone at (618) 931-7433, Option 1, or via e-mail at

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Free Rides on MCT Fixed Route Buses
Tired of making reservations in advance? Try the MCT fixed route buses. MCT Paratransit registered passengers are eligible for a free ride on MCT’s expansive fixed route buses throughout Madison County. All buses are lift-equipped and wheelchair accessible. For details about the Free Ride program, call 618-797-INFO (4636) or visit

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