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Madison County Transit
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May 2018 Service Change

The Madison County Transit (MCT) Board of Trustees approved the following changes to service at the February board meeting. The following changes will take effect on Sunday, May 6, 2018. Adjustments from the original plan are underlined below.

Approved May 2018 Service Plan:

  • Reinstate hourly service to Alton Square. Reduces frequency at Alton High Speed Rail Station (AHSR) to hourly. Maintains 30 minute service on Oakwood and other trip generators. Maintains hourly connections to #10 at AHSR. On weekends, the #7 will only go to Alton Square.

  • Add a partial Weekday trip at 6:18 a.m. from Wood River Station to AHSR for connection to the #10.

  • Reinstate hourly service to Alton Square. Maintain hourly service at AHSR.

  • Introduce Sunday service on the #8 from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

  • Introduce service to Shop ‘n Save, Schnucks and Target. Maintain service to Challenge & Woodview Ct.

  • Re-introduce service on Elm Street between Alby and State Street.

  • Created timed transfer opportunities with the #10 on Saturdays at Alton Station.

  • Substitute “long #9” for the “short #9” on the three evening trips, introducing evening service to the senior apartment complexes, (Skyline Towers, Marian Heights, & Muny Vista) as well as Alton Square and Target.

  • Introduce hourly service to Bloomer, Henrietta, North Rodgers neighborhood and Senior Services Plus.

  • Re-route #9 to travel on Main Street between Edwards and College to serve Centerstone, Family Dollar and the US Post Office. The bus stop at this location will not be a time-point.

#10 STATE & ELM SHUTTLE: [pdf]
  • Re-introduce more direct, hourly service from Alton Station to Lewis & Clark Community College (LCCC) and Walmart. Eliminates service from Alton Station to AHSR.

  • Reduce frequency from AHSR to LCCC & Walmart from every 30 minutes to every 60 minutes.

  • Adjust the timing of two trips serving Pierce Lane Group Home and Challenge.

  • Eliminate service on Elm (trips are covered by the #8.)

  • Serve Schnucks storeside.

  • Create timed transfers to #7 and #8 at AHSR on weekdays.

  • Operate on Tolle instead of Pearl in Godfrey.

#11 BROWN SHUTTLE: [pdf]
  • Create timed transfers with all other Alton routes on Saturdays at Alton Station.