MCT February 2017 Service Change

Effective Sunday, February 5, 2017:

IL-111 Corridor Enhancement

The expansion of Gateway Commerce Center and Lakeview Commerce Center has created jobs and increased demand for service in the IL-111 corridor. In an effort to provide better bus service from the Riverbend and Tri-Cities area to growing employment opportunities, MCT will do the following:

Temporary Lakeview Shuttle:
  • Discontinue temporary shuttle and replace with a fixed-route solution.

#6 Roxana-Pontoon Beach: [pdf]
  • Increase weekday service from every 60 minutes to 30 minutes from 5:48 a.m. to 6:48 p.m. As well as provide hourly service until 11:15 p.m.
  • Extend the #6 to Lakeview Commerce Center, creating direct 30-minute service on weekdays, every 60 minutes on weekends.
  • Remove the #6 from Gateway Commerce Center, with transfer options to the #20 at Liberty & Chain of Rocks.
  • To avoid route duplication with the #6 in Wood River the #12 Bethalto Shuttle will be removed from Ferguson and moved to IL-143.

#1 Riverbend: [pdf]
  • Add two northbound weekday trips on the #1 leaving Wood River Station at 10:48 p.m. and 11:48 p.m. to accommodate more shift times.

#20 Granite City - Pontoon Beach Shuttle: [pdf]
  • Create direct 60-minute service to Gateway Commerce Center on weekends.
  • Create weekday and weekend transfer opportunities to and from the #6 at Liberty & Chain of Rocks.

MCT Express Reduction & Rebalance

Since the fall of 2014, MCT Express ridership across all three routes has declined by 15%. Express trips that were added to accommodate growing ridership in 2008 and 2012 due to $4.00/gallon fuel are no longer necessary. With fuel hovering at $2.00/gallon and not likely to increase in the near future, MCT will implement the following reductions and re-balancing of MCT Express routes:

#1X Riverbend Express: [pdf]
  • Reduce the number of morning trips from 9 to 8 and afternoon trips from 11 to 10.
  • Eliminate the one morning and one afternoon Express trip in Downtown Alton.

#14X Highland Express: [pdf]
  • Reduce the number of morning trips from 12 to 10 and afternoon trips from 13 to 10.

#16X Edwardsville – Glen Carbon Express: [pdf]
  • Reduce the number of morning trips from 9 to 7 and maintain afternoon trips at 9.
  • Eliminate two trips that begin at the Glen Carbon Park & Ride lot.


Due to minimal or no demand on these early morning and late night trips, the following will occur at the February 2017 service change:

#6 Roxana – Pontoon Beach:
  • Eliminate the Weekday 5:13 a.m. trip from Gateway Commerce Center and Roxana.

#17 Edwardsville – SIUE Shuttle:
  • Eliminate the Saturday 12:20 a.m. trip from Edwardsville Station.

#19 Edwardsville – Collinsville:
  • Eliminate the Weekday 12:41 a.m. trip from Collinsville Station.

#20 Granite City – Pontoon Beach Shuttle:
  • Eliminate the Weekday 1:16 a.m. trip from Granite City Station.
  • Eliminate the Saturday 1:28 a.m. trip from Granite City Station.