MCT’s fares are based on zones. That means where you get on and off of the bus determines how much you pay for your ride.

Shuttle: Bus service within a single zone cost $1.50 per ride.
Cross County: Bus service from zone to zone within Madison County costs $2.00 per ride.
Regional: Bus service to or from St. Clair County costs $3.00 per ride – these routes also serve the MetroLink.
Express: Direct bus service during peak travel times with limited stops cost $3.50 per ride.

For more information on fares visit the Fares & Passes page.

Cross County Fare Boundaries
Any passengers than travel between zones will be charges the Cross County Fare of $2.00

#1 Riverbend: IL-3 & New Poag Rd.
#4 Madison-Edwardsville: Chain of Rocks & IL-255
#6 Roxana-Pontoon Beach: IL-III & New Poag Rd
#7 Alton-Edwardsville: IL-143 @ Moreland Rd
#13 Highland-Glen Carbon: N. Main & I-270 in Glen Carbon
#19 Edwardsville-Collinsville: IL-159 & I-270

Regional Fare Boundaries
Any passengers beginning or ending their trip in St. Clair County will be charged the Regional Fare of $3.00

#5 Tri-City Regional: Madison/St. Clair County line located at Short & 5th Street
#18 Collinsville Regional: Madison/St. Clair County line located at Collinsville Rd & IL-111