May 2020 Service Change

Effective May 10, 2020

The May Service Change has been postponed until further notice.

  • Extend the weekday #2 from its northern endpoint at Dollar Tree on Nameoki Road to Walmart, Aldi, and Northgate Industrial Park on IL-3.

  • Create all-day 30-minute service between Granite City Station and Northgate.


  • Extend hourly service to Leisure World on trips traveling to Walmart via Johnson Hill Rd.

  • Add bus stops in front of Leisure World and at Collinsport & Eastport Plaza Dr, allowing better access to the Post Office.

To better serve employees within GCC, MCT will restructure existing service to target shift times as follows

  • Continue to operate current #20 service in GCC every 30 minutes on the primary road network only.

  • Create a new #23 Gateway Commerce Center Shuttle to operate 30-minute service between Liberty & Chain of Rocks and throughout GCC, using turn-a-rounds in the center for access to warehouses during the peak periods only. (5:32am- 8:58am), (2:02pm-6:28pm).

  • Schedule the times of the #20 and #23 to be offset by 30 minutes, creating bursts of 15-minute service.

  • Continue to serve passengers between the peak periods with the #20, when the #23 is not operating.

  • Continue operating weekday evening and weekend service on the #20 unchanged.

  • Preserve connectivity at Liberty with the #4 Madison-Edwardsville and #6 Roxana-Pontoon Beach.