February 2020 Service Change

The following changes will take place at the February 9, 2020 Service Change. Please contact MCT Dispatch for questions at 618-797-4636 (INFO).

#1X Riverbend Express, #5 Tri-City Regional, #14X Highland Express, #16X Edwardsville-Glen Carbon Express

  • All MCT Express routes will be re-routed to a new stop in front of Wells Fargo, located at Market & Ewing. The same stop will be used for both morning and afternoon service.

  • Jefferson & Pine will be discontinued due to the new stop at Market & Ewing. Friday, February 7 will be the last day MCT will serve the Jefferson & Pine stop.

  • Reverse routing on the 16X AM trips will be eliminated. Those traveling to Madison County from St. Louis in the morning can board at any of the normal AM bus stop.

  • Express routes will continue to serve all other downtown stops as usual.

  • Due to this change, there may be an adjustment in pick-up and drop-off times at other stops along the route. While these changes are minimal, be sure to review the new timetables below.

#1X Riverbend Express [PDF]
#5 Tri-City Regional [PDF]
#14X Highland Express [PDF]
#16X Edwardsville- Glen Carbon Express [PDF]

New Drop Off

New Drop Off

  • Re-route six weekday, evening trips to serve Eastgate Plaza and businesses within the complex.

  • Three northbound and three southbound trips between 7 PM and 10 PM

  • Adjust evening and night service running times between Emerson Park and 5th & Canal after 7 PM for better train connectivity.

  • Weekday Northbound: 9:48 PM and 10:48 PM to depart at :53 after

  • Weekday Southbound: 11:19 PM and 12:16 AM to depart at 11:15 PM and 12:13 AM

  • Saturday Northbound: five trips between 7:46 PM and 11:49 PM to depart at :53 after

  • Sunday Northbound: , 7:46 PM and 8:46 PM to depart at :53 after

  • Additional trip being added to Weekday Academic schedule between Cougar Village to Peck Hall

  • Trip will pick-up in Cougar Village at 6:45 AM and drop-off at Peck Hall by 6:53 AM

  • Extend the route to World Wide Technology in Gateway Commerce Center

  • All southbound trips beginning at Dial will be adjusted from :13/:43 after to :17/:47 after