Changes to MCT Service

The Madison County Transit (MCT) Board of Trustees approved the following changes to service at the March board meeting. The following changes will take effect on Sunday, August 6, 2017.

Alton Realignment

The new multi-modal Alton High Speed Rail Station will open off of Homer Adams Parkway in Alton this summer. To provide service to the new facility and to facilitate faster, more efficient transfers from Wood River and Edwardsville to Lewis & Clark Community College (LCCC) In Godfrey, the following will take place in August:
Alton Map

#7 Alton Edwardsville[pdf]
  • Re-route #7 trips to the Alton High Speed Rail Station, instead of Alton Square.

  • Provide direct 30 minute service from Wood River, Alton and Edwardsville to High Speed Rail.

  • Provide timed transfer at Wood River Station to High Speed Rail from Granite City and Roxanas.

#8 Central Shuttle[pdf]
  • Re-route all #8 trip to the Alton High Speed Rail Station, instead of Alton Square.

  • Eliminate service on a segment of Elm from Alby to State.

  • Create in-direction trip to LCCC from Central Ave corridor via transfer to the #10 at the High Speed Rail Station.

#10 State & Elm [pdf]
  • Re-route all #10 trips to serve the Alton High Speed Rail Station.

  • Provide service on the segment of Elm from Alby to State, previously operated by the #8.

  • Introduce 60 minute service to Alton Square, with connection opportunities to the #9 Washington Shuttle.

  • Reduce frequency from 30 minutes to 60 minutes at Alton Station.

  • Introduce 30 minutes service between Alton High Speed through Godfrey to LCCC and Walmart.

  • Create a timed transfer from the #7 to #10 facilitating a faster trip to and from Alton, Wood River and Edwardsville to LCCC.

Highland Realignment

After two years of operating fixed route shuttle service in Highland on the #14 Highland Shuttle and cross county service on the #13 Highland-Glen Carbon between Glen Carbon, Troy and Highland, MCT has not seen significant ridership gains on either route. As a part of the approved change MCT will eliminate a portion of the #13 and re-route service in Highland as follows:

#13 Highland – Glen Carbon[pdf]
  • Discontinue service between Troy and Highland, ending service at the Troy Park & Ride lot.

  • Reduce the number of trips into Cambridge House.

#14 Highland Shuttle[pdf]
  • Re-route the #14 to service Suppiger Apartments and Northtown Shopping Center

  • Maintain stops at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Highland Middle and High School, as well as the stop at Troxler and Augusta

  • Eliminate unproductive bus stops at Hwy 40 & Apex Dr.